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Sisters Really Do Matter

Two of our nieces spent some time with us a couple weeks ago.  Naomi and Hannah are the youngest two of my twin brother’s four children.  The eldest of the four is the only boy.  Elizabeth is second in line and the oldest girl. 

My sister-in-law shared, when she brought them to me, that Naomi was a little nervous about their trip away from the rest of the family.  Naomi’s apprehension was not as much about being away from her parents as it was that she would not, for the first time in her life, be with Elizabeth.

Naomi was the first to cry and as Alison expected it was because Naomi wanted Beth.  Elizabeth is 11.  She is a loving, kind playmate and helper for her little sisters.  The girls share a room and bedtime was just not the same.  It wasn’t long before Hannah joined in.  It was certainly very obvious to me that Sisters Really Do Matter.


Unlike my niece Elizabeth, I was not a great big sister.  I was five years older and my sisters were twins.  I remember being kind to them when I was much younger but by the time I was 10 I was “too cool” for little tag-alongs.   If I could have a “do over” I would certainly be more generous with my time and attention.

The Lord has been very good to my twin sisters and me.  He restored our relationships and I, for the last 15 years at least, have considered my sisters (the two I was raised with and my sister-in-law) to be some of my very best friends.  I value their opinions and advice and I know they truly love me and hope the very best for my family.  I know they’re praying for me and can be trusted as confidants.

Our only daughter is smack dab in-between our boys who are 10 years apart in age.  In reality, they all function as only children.  Emma has rarely had to share her things, has never had to share her space, and has had little responsibility in helping with younger siblings.  

Praise The Lord for sisters in Christ!  I pray that she (we all) finds women who will love her (us) enough to truly walk with us as “sisters”.  I’m fortunate to have many women who “do life” with me; younger women who allow me to share my experience, women walking very similar paths with me who cry with me and support me in my struggles, and older women who’ve raised children, served in ministry, and (or) have years of business experience who share their successes and failures so freely to encourage me.

If you don’t have “sisters”, I encourage you to intentionally seek out Christian women who will love, encourage, and strengthen you – as iron sharpens iron.  The kind of “sisters” I hope we surround ourselves with will speak the truth in love, even if it stings for a moment, because they truly want to be invested in our lives and want The Lord’s best for us!  

Looking to connect with “sisters”?  Check out local Bible studies, community service organizations, and small groups at church.  Don’t shy away, carve out some time, introduce yourself, be open, honest, and interested and see what becomes of a genuine “hello!”

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The Right Tool Really Does Matter

My family is walking through mud.  And dust.  We’ve donned eye protection and are dodging nails and carpet tack.  Yup.  We’re purchased a new home.  A fixer-upper.  And we’re in the middle of fixing it up.

If you’ve known us for long you’re scratching your head.  You’re puzzled.  You’re thinking, didn’t you just move?  Haven’t you been fixing up your relatively new-to-you home?  Yup.  Three years ago we moved into a fixer-upper.  We fixed it up, sold it, and we’re on to our next project.

(Wondering why?  This might help  http://bit.ly/1G7dgck.)

Our very first objective was to build a gate that would allow some outdoor storage.

As any fixer-upper would, we have a fairly good cordless screwdriver.  It’s proven itself able in tackling the majority of jobs we tackle but our gate required some anchors through cinder block and brick.

My mom is the original fixer-upper in my family (that statement is worthy of its own blog post) and she had the appropriate tool, a heavy duty electric drill with torque to spare.  That baby will be my next tool purchase.

I wonder if you, too, have found that you struggle in completing a task, spinning your wheels, until you find the right tool.  I’m sure you’ll agree that The Right Tool Really Does Matter.  I think about this truth often, as I often find myself knee deep in difficult situations.

electric drill

While sometimes those difficult situations are physical (my achy elbows and lower back can attest to the struggles with popcorn ceiling, drywall, and mud I’ve faced the last 2 days) they are often emotional, mental, and spiritual.  We wrestle, looking for the fix, when the right tool is actually easier to find than the correct tool in my garage tends to be.

Psalms 121:1-2 reminds me that my help comes from a mighty source, a power and a presence that is always with me.  In fact, my defender is waiting for my quiet plea, “Lord, I need You.”  I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Not only is He with me and waiting for me draw close to Him, He’s given me a tool to use in my daily life.  How often do we sing, “Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet,” and yet we stumble in the dark?  Oh to actually crave His help and His word as the author of Psalm 119 did.  Do we truly believe, “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” or do we act as though His Word is a bitter pill to swallow.

Lord, help us crave Your Word, Your precepts, Your testimonies, Your redemption, Your mercies, Your steadfast love.  Challenge us to dust off our sword and face our every situation prepared with the right tool.  Amen.